Economical Cars

The price of fuel in the UK has risen dramatically over the past decade. A litre of fuel is more than twice as expensive as it was ten years ago. Couple this with the fact that the country is only just starting to recover from the recession of 2008, and it is clear to see why people are trying to save money on fuel from all angles.

Consequently, manufacturers have put a lot of effort into improving the fuel consumption rates of their vehicles in recent years. The Seat Mii for example will only cost around £9 – £10 on average for every 100 miles driven, and used Seat Mii models are available for as little £7,000. Head to buy your Seat now to look at a few different options.

The Nissan Micra, another city car, boasts similar fuel consumption figures to the Mii. A used Nissan Micra can be picked up for less because older models are available, however it is worth remembering that they may not be as economical as the latest generation.


For these reasons, there is far more to consider than simply how economical a car is. How many miles you’re likely to cover, how long you’re likely to keep the car for and what type of driving you’ll be doing should all be at the forefront of your thoughts. For example, a 54 plate second hand Nissan Micra may not be quite as economical as a Seat Mii which is only a year or so old, but if it costs a few thousand pounds less then it will inevitably prove to be the smarter purchase.

When thinking of economical vehicles it is usually city cars which come to mind first. As an alternative for people who’re looking for something larger there are hybrid cars such as the Lexus CT, which are powered in part by an electric motor. Hybrid cars are much more viable options for most people, as they cater for families and are generally better for long distance driving too. Paying monthly for a vehicle can help to cut costs too – Lexus CT 200h leasing deals can be found easily online.

Moreover, following huge strides forward in technology over the past few years, it is now possible to drive a car without ever having to visit a petrol station again. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers now offer an all-electric vehicle. They are inexpensive to buy – used Renault Twizy models cost around £5,000 – and the only cost you’ll incur for driving one is the electricity needed to charge it.


Electric vehicles can be fun to drive but certainly aren’t without their drawbacks – most of them have a range of around 100 miles or less, and a pretty low top speed. Consequently they are only realistically suitable for short journeys around town.

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