Cheap Contract Hire Vehicles

Are you looking for your first vehicle and are unsure about how to go about your purchase?

Do you need to save money on your motoring and downgrade to a cheaper car?

Are you in the dark about how to get the best deal on the vehicle that you want?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then hopefully today I can shed some light on the matter through my own experiences and my knowledge of today’s market in the automotive industry.

Firstly you need to think about the vehicles which are generally the cheapest to own, run and maintain. These are usually small city cars for obvious reasons. The next thing to consider is whether you will go for a used, new or lease vehicle. I am going to focus on the advantages of a lease vehicle, as used cars may be cheaper but aren’t always reliable or in good condition, particularly if they’re 10 years old or more. A contract hire Peugeot 107 is undoubtedly a more financially viable option than buying a new one. Here are a few models which represent good value in my opinion and would make an excellent first car.

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Contract hire Ford Ka models are priced from as little as £140 per month, which makes them more than affordable even to someone working part time on minimum wage!

The Ka has now been on the market for over eighteen years and has established itself as one of the best and most recognisable city cars on the market. Personally, I think it’s one of the most attractive vehicles in its class too. It boasts sharp and responsive handling which makes the Ka a really fun vehicle to drive, while it is also a class leader in terms of the practicality it provides. There’s a decent enough amount of room in the boot and leg room for rear passengers is respectable too. Ford Ka leasing deals can be found in abundance online, and impressive fuel economy complements the low monthly rates.


A couple of small negatives about the Ka: some rivals are better equipped, and there is quite a lot of road noise inside the cabin particularly at high speeds.

The aforementioned 107 is another class leader when it comes to city cars, and Peugeot 107 leasing deals can be found for as little as £120 per month! Now that is what I call affordable. The 107 delivers superb fuel economy and actually emits less than 100g/km of CO2 which qualifies it for free road tax – unfortunately with a lease you don’t benefit directly from this as road tax is already included within a monthly price.

The Peugeot 107 is, similarly to the Ford Ka, one of the best looking city cars around and it delivers a smooth driving experience.

Finally, a model which simply cannot fail to save you money is the Renault Twizy. It has been on the market since 2012 and Renault Twizy leasing offers start from around £200 a month. The biggest advantage you have with going for a Twizy, certainly in terms of the financials, is that it is 100% electric so you’ll never need to worry about regular expenditure at the petrol station.

Additionally, because of its tiny size it feels like a go-kart when you’re driving in and around the city which is a lot of fun. Obviously there’s not a lot of space inside and it isn’t particularly quick, but the Twizy is not a vehicle made for long distance driving.

As a first time buyer, there really aren’t many cheaper options than a contract hire Renault Twizy. If you’re on a shoe string budget it is definitely a model worth having a look at.